28" x 75" approximately, panels

commissioned by J.P. Molyneux Studio

'95 Kips Bay Decorators Showhouse

The first time I saw grotesque panels was at the Vatican and later Pompeii; these extraordinary and fascinating forms were everywhere on the walls, seeming to dance to their own music. From then on, I've worked to personalize them to the taste of the individual, a combination of any number of images, small and large, to be passed on for generations.

These paintings were created for a designer's room at the Kips Bay Showhouse and they include his beloved pups, his amusement with monkeys, and a mini-portrait. My first encounter with grotesque paintings was at the Vatican Museum where they cover the walls and offer some very amusing combinations. I used this vehicle for creating something personal, vertical (because that was what was needed for the space), and whimsical without being cute. In the process of painting, I fell in love with the possibilities and lyrical beauty of morphing images. Pets, children, school mascots, coat of arms, trophies, wine bottles; many things can be incorporated into these paintings. They can be colorful, small or large, classical or modern; anything is possible. It's really up to my client and our joint imaginations.

One particular designer wanted to include her grandchildren as well. Only after I had included them did she tell me: "Oh, I love them but I have six other grandchildren!" I managed to find places for the additional 6 children after the fact, as seen in the images above.

Design Times: Aug./Sept. '95 Doris Goldstein

"From Here to Antiquities"