t: 646.541.6162

a: 145 East 74th St. Suite 11B

    New York NY 10021



  1. Please send photos of room(s) and/or architectural plans.
  2. Upon perusal of photos, there will be a discussion of images, ideas, and thoughts for room(s).
  3. An estimate will be given according to the discussion.
  4. Upon estimate approval, room must be seen, a letter of agreement signed, and payment of a retainers fee (1/3 of complete cost).
  5. The actual work will begin with a watercolor or oil mock-up of the mural.
  6. It will take approximately 3 to 5 months for completion.
  7. The second payment of a third will be given halfway through the project.
  8. The finished mural can be installed by any reliable paper hanger with the assistance of Anne Harris.
  9. Touch ups and varnish will be applied.
  10. Final payment upon completion.